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Catholic Master Builders FTC Team #12767

The Catholic Master Builders First Tech Challenge team is a group of young engineering minds who enjoy the challenge of Robotics. They have come together to build their Faith, Friendship and Robots. Each year the First Tech Challenge sponsors regional, state, national and international competitions centered around building complex robots. Teams compete against a themed challenge by completing designated missions on the robot field while also demonstrating gracious professionalism, coorpertition and showing their engineering process throughout their journey. By preparing an engineering note book and presenting their team in a judged interview, the team gets to impress the volunteer judges while also driving some outstanding robots on the field!

Now in our fifth season, the Catholic Master Builders FTC team has accomplished and achieved 33 awards and qualified for State Championships every year.  The team advanced to the First World Championships in its second year, ranking 12th in their world division. In their third season, for the second year in a row, they advanced to the First World Championships in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately the COVID world pandemic canceled this event.

During COVID, in their fourth season, the team participated in remote tournaments. While not the most ideal for this type of game play the team did rank 4th place and by the end of season they were able to participate at an in person event to show off their robot and skills by securing the top award as the Ultimate Goal Reunion Tour Winning Alliance Captain.

Beginning our first season with a team of three members, they set the path for what has become an amazing opportunity to showcase such astounding performance of robot driving, friendship and outreach to the FIRST community. Now having grown into our 5th season as a team, we continue to challenge team members to learn more about the engineering process and prepare themselves for a possible STEM career. What is most true is that they enjoy sharing their faith with one another and they have built friendships that will last a lifetime!

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